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Gut instinct will only take your organization so far.

Running an organization is hard. And the harder you work, the easier it becomes to lose sight of your audience's changing needs.

Practically every decision your team makes boils down to this:

You can either make things easier for your customers or you can make things easier for your employees.

Without regular exposure to real customers' needs, it's no wonder employees' interests get prioritized over those of your customers. 

And without frameworks for better decision-making, you'll keep making choices based on best guesses, who has the boss's ear that day, or whatever fire is burning hottest at the moment.

Imagine having systems in place that allow you to make smarter decisions, faster.

No matter how talented your team, customer data and reliable feedback systems can make their work more effective.

Design research can break through uncertainty and shed light on the most economical ways to increase revenue. Design research lets you:

  • Optimize customer communications based on actual information about what channels, tone, and message frequency work for your customers.
  • Improve content to facilitate conversions rather than continually generating new content that few people ever read.
  • Steadily monitor the results of your marketing and design efforts so you can quickly change course if necessary.

At SuperHelpful, we help organizations succeed through behavioral research and data-driven design.

We develop design strategies that increase revenue and improve customer experience.

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What's the first step?

You don't have to become a designer to benefit from design research.

But it's good to get a little more acquainted with the values that underpin design research before you begin transforming the way your company operates.

That’s what SuperHelpful Letters are for. They give you design research principles and practices in small doses. They include practical steps you can take to incorporate research methods in your day-to-day business decisions.

SuperHelpful Letters are a good (free) way to start evaluating the place for design research within your organization.

You'll get three emails each week. If you change your mind, you can unsubscribe with a click.

Featured Case Study

Let's look at the results of user-focused design.

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You might be thinking …

“I'm not sure we can afford to invest in research.”

Do companies like Google and Apple invest in design research because they have immense resources, or do they have immense resources because they invest in design research?

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from design research and better design practices.

“Can user experience design really make us more money?”

When every dollar invested in UX returns $10 to $100, getting free emails on the topic seems like a no-brainer. 

“But I'm not a designer. Is a design newsletter really for me?”

Yes. You’re not going to get advice on how to use photoshop. SuperHelpful Letters address fundamental issues around customer relations and collaboration. Design is a vehicle to address these concerns, not an end in itself.

Our favorite subscribers are directors of development, chief operations officers, and business owners.

“My inbox is pretty full as it is. I'm not sure I need another newsletter subscription.”

Unlike many newsletters, SuperHelpful Letters don't bombard you with deals and promotions. SuperHelpful Letters often provide practical advice. You’ll find steps you can take to better understand your audience and how a little research can generate significant return on investment for your organization.

I really love this … I like that it resolves with something actionable: Put systems in place for encouraging, capturing and utilizing feedback from our customer service staff … It’s user friendly.
— René Bouchard, Director of Development, Cinema Arts Centre

Find out how research-driven design can help your organization grow.

Design-led companies generate 32% more revenue than traditional organizations. SuperHelpful Letters shows you how to introduce successful design strategies into your organization.

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