We help museums and cultural organizations add value to more people's lives.

SuperHelpful is a design research and audience development consultancy.

We help museums and cultural organizations add value to more people’s lives.


What motivates people to engage with your organization?

Why do some people visit, join, or donate? Why do some stop? Why do others never consider your museum as a resource that can help them make progress in their lives?

These are the questions that we’re exploring in our own research.

The answers to questions like these help cultural organizations communicate with their audiences more effectively and develop products that are more likely to succeed.

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How can design research help cultural institutions add value to more people’s lives?

We’re sharing the results of our research in a series of weekday letters that help readers learn:

  • How to uncover unique value propositions that resonate with particular audience segments.

  • How organizations can benefit from prioritizing better metrics that align the organization around its audience.

  • How to create systems that support continuous audience feedback.

  • How to apply Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) thinking to decision-making processes.


I find these emails really thought-provoking. You make me question assumptions on audiences, marketing, design and many other facets of the overall non-profit experience. There are too many 'givens' in the field, and you not only make me question them, you also give me proactive ideas on what can be done to make things better.

Francis French
Author and Board Member of Higher Orbits Foundation

I really appreciate the humorous and sometimes irreverent tone of these emails. They feel like they come from that (slightly) snarky, funny, and smart colleague whose desk you visit when you’re having a rough day.

Carissa Kowalski Dougherty
Head of Knowledge Management, The Morton Arboretum