We help museums and cultural organizations add value to more people's lives.


We help museums and science centers add value to more people’s lives.


The competition for your audience’s attention has never been more fierce, and patrons’ expectations have never been higher.

Yet the voice of the patron is absent from so many of the decisions museums make.

No, we’re not talking about more surveys or focus groups. More shallow research won’t generate the insights you need for effective planning.

To uncover unique value, you need to study your audience’s behavior and attitudes beyond the walls of your museum.

At SuperHelpful, we specialize in audience research that takes a holistic view of your organization — from marketing and membership to visitation and fundraising.


Daily Letters on Design research

How can design research help museums and science centers add value to more people’s lives?

Can user research help these organizations become more nimble and economically durable? What happens when these organizations adopt user-centered design strategies and begin thinking of themselves as a product?

I write a daily email exploring these questions and more.

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These emails have really resonated with me. I have been forwarding them on to my staff every day.

Rachel Hopkins, Executive Director
The Science Museum of Western Virginia