Analytics Rescues

If 10,000 people visited your website tonight, how would that help your museum?


It probably wouldn’t — at least, not if they aren’t able to find the information they need or easily complete a transaction.

So, why are you spending time counting visits and pageviews?

The number of visitors is of little value compared to what visitors do (and don’t do) when they get to your website that matters.

  • How can you begin to make meaningful design decisions if you don’t have an accurate view of how your visitors interact with your content?

  • How can you safely experiment without reliable behavioral data?

  • How can you make smart marketing investments if you can’t compare the economic performance of your communication properties?

Unless you’ve properly configured your analytics account with filters, goals, and funnels, it’s hard to measure the impact of your efforts. Your analytics data is likely polluted by spam and bots, and it’s impossible to track the economic value of design changes.

Imagine having answers to questions like:

  • What pages on our website really matter to your visitors?

  • What content can we get rid of or consolidate without frustrating users?

  • Does Facebook generate more revenue for our museum than our newsletter?

  • Are people on some operating systems or devices unable to complete core tasks, like becoming a member or making a donation?

A SuperHelpful Analytics Rescue is a first step toward answering those questions and many more.

Here’s what to expect from your analytics rescue:

  • First, I’ll request access to your Google Analytics account and properly configure your account to ensure the data you see is accurate. I’ll configure views, set up three to five goals, create segments, filter spam and internal traffic, and more.

  • Once everything is configured properly, we’ll wait up to 1 month to allow Google Analytics to gather data. (I understand your traffic may be seasonal, but I’ll be able to show you how to glean valuable data from your account even if the initial sample is small.)

  • I’ll evaluate how various audience segments are interacting with your site and create a video that shows you how to access vital information for your museum — like key conversions and comparisons of how different kinds of visitors are interacting with your content.

  • The video will accompany a report that:

    • shows how your various communication channels are performing

    • suggests any outstanding bugs that may be preventing users from using your website on specific devices

    • recommends ways to improve your navigation to help users perform the tasks that matter most

    • and more

If you’re using Google Analytics to report website visits and pageviews to board members or leadership, an analytics rescue is your chance to go beyond those surface metrics and uncover unique, user-centered insights.

(Heads up: We’re currently offering this service at no charge for museums and cultural organizations until July 12th.)


Who are you anyway?


Kyle Bowen, SuperHelpful Founder

I’ve been helping nonprofits improve their digital products since 2007. Today, SuperHelpful specializes in helping museums and science centers uncover new ways to improve visitor experience through user research.