Strategy Session Recommendations

Several things during our conversation jumped out at me. It’s clear that you love your work, but your greatest priority right now is your family. You want to find ways make more income, get more qualified leads, overcome the inherent seasonality of your work, and have more time for the people you love.


1. Attract the right clients & support future product sales

I noticed that your website emphasizes your credentials and experience. These are important, but there is little that a parent can connect with on an emotional level, and emotions are often what drives decision making.

Develop content that describes the pain your clients faced before coming to you, and the resolution they found during the course of treatment. Stories are vital, and they can be told while respecting patients’ right to privacy. Specificity lets your content connect with the people who you want to contact you, and will naturally filter out those who can’t identify. (This speaks to the goal of reducing administrative overhead. Eg, emailing with people who need referrals.)

Moreover, by developing content for your site, you’ll be laying the groundwork for future product sales. The content you develop will establish your authority and credibility in ways that a simple resume cannot.


  • More qualified leads from your website
  • Website analytics:
    • Increased average time on site
    • Reduced bounce rate (people coming to your site and leaving right away)


  • Establish necessary content depth to support future product sales.
  • Reducing the time spent communicating with people who are not in your target market (eg, adults or couples seeking therapy) gives you more time to be with family or develop your business.
  • Since much of the content will come from voluntary feedback from parents and clients, content development will provide a steady stream of feedback, thereby giving you insight into how you can improve and an appreciation of the value of your work.

2. Generate passive income through products and/or productized services


  • Paid newsletter
  • Paid downloads (eg, booklets, exercises, or methodology checklists)
  • Video courses
  • Membership options (Combination of the above: eg, monthly subscription to access collection of resources, such as newsletter, downloads, private forum, private blog, video courses)


  • Increased revenue from sources other than therapy sessions
  • If clients are treated as automatic “members” who gain access to resources and member content, then clients who maintain paid member status after they terminate therapy is a strong sign that offerings are providing value
  • Qualitative feedback from buyers/members via surveys.


  • Diversifying income combats the seasonality of therapy practice
  • Potentially more time with family
  • Satisfaction in knowing that your expertise and knowledge is helping more people than only those you have the time to see in therapy
  • Creates audience for future initiatives, such as workshops and book publication

3. Reduce administrative overhead

  • member package option (don’t seek permission)
  • Calendly


  • New or existing clients opt in to new pricing model
  • Less time spent emailing about scheduling issues and less time manually updating calendars


  • Pricing model can account for missed sessions, which means a reliable amount of money each month for “member” clients
  • Provides additional value to clients by providing them with 24/7 access to resources — reinforces the objective of diversifying income above
  • More time for family by spending less time on administrative tasks


1: Content & Systems Audit: Self-implementation

Super Helpful will review your existing website analytics and optimize your analytics installation. We’ll make recommendations as to how you can improve your website based on how people are interacting with the site today.

We’ll also conduct an inventory and audit of your content inventory and production process. It’s not as scary as it sounds: You’ll share with us the most common documents, emails and other content types you produce for your work. We’ll review these and find opportunities to streamline content development and determine what mediums would be best for future product development.

We will sign a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) that will ensure client confidentiality and HIPAA compliance throughout the process.

We’ll provide recommendations as to how you can begin collecting content efficiently from clients in ways that maximize their value to prospective clients and make it easier to develop the kind of powerful stories that will help bring in more qualified leads.

Finally, we’ll help you put in place a third party service (free or paid by you) to streamline scheduling processes.

2: Content & Systems Implementation

In addition to option 1, we will do a top-to-bottom redesign on your website in a way that aligns with your business objectives and satisfies audience needs.

We’ll also with you to set up alternative payment options for existing and future clients, such as monthly automatic payments.

3: Content implementation

In addition to options 1 and 2, we will help you develop paid offerings. We will:

  • automate the process of collecting content from clients in a way that still feels personal and isn’t intrusive. We’ll use the resulting content to develop website content that connects with your visitors in a powerful way, while ensuring client privacy.
  • regularly review and interpret the results of your analytics data, and work with you to develop website content that helps improve the site experience.
  • research what products and productized services are the safest bets for your business
  • Test those offerings to help ensure successful launch
  • Market the offerings on your website
  • Introduce membership opportunities for clients and the public


Option 1: $1500 one-time fee

We’ve deducted the amount you paid for the strategy session from the total.

Option 2: $5700 deposit + $500/month thereafter for 12 months with option to renew

Option 3: $5700 deposit + $2000/month thereafter for 12 months with option to renew

I will contact you next week to discuss these options, but please feel free to email me in the meantime with any questions. Thank you, Christie!

Kyle Bowen