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What's in the Client Portal

The client portal is primarily a place for reports and project updates. 

Every Super Helpful client gets a private blog that contains some combination of usability videos, analytics reports, workshop content, and other research results. Every key stakeholder gets a unique, private login to access their reports. 

Wherefore a Client Portal?

Certain content is best shared on a blog.

Email is unreliable & doesn't provide for new stakeholders

It's easy enough to find last week's analytics report by searching your inbox, but did you accidentally delete the one from last quarter?

And what happens when a new director joins your team, and they want to access the analytics insights and user testing videos for your website? It's much easier to bring them up to date on your digital initiatives by simply giving them a login to the client portal than to forward dozens of emails.

Slack isn't ideal for long-form content

Maybe SuperHelpful created a Slack account for your company, or we've joined your existing Slack team. Slack is our preferred method for collaboration and discussion, and you may already have a SuperHelpful Slack channel where we can discuss content shared in the client portal. 

But long-form content in Slack is too easily broken up by comments and discussion, and it doesn't support certain types of content, like responsive charts. Moreover, even if you have a paid or free nonprofit account that never deletes your message archive, it's better to have a quieter place to see all your SuperHelpful reports without the delays of searching through thousands of comments, shared images, and PDFs. 

Why Can't I Access the Portal?

If your organization is already a SuperHelpful client, your key staff and management team(s) should have already received invitations to the client portal. If you haven't received an email providing access to your account, you may request one using this link.