Evaluation and testing results for The Children’s Museum in Easton

It was great chatting with you yesterday, Caitlin!

A few follow-up items

  • The invitation to review the museum on Yelp is on the admissions page, just before the first footer with the green background.

Additional testing results

There was some additional low-hanging fruit that testing uncovered — You will likely be able to fix these right away:

  1. The sponsorship opportunities links on Brewseum and on the Father’s Day event go to a private Google Doc. It looks like you need to allow public access on that document.

  2. The link to Amy Walsh’s contact info on the Brewseum event goes to a 404 page.

  3. The “become a member today” link on the admissions page goes to a private login page.

Your videos

Feel free to watch and download the full videos below. (To download, you can click the share button while playing a video and choose “download”.) The videos will be available here for at least 30 days from the date of our scheduled evaluation.


A few things to keep in mind about live evaluation user tests

  • The participants in these tests are not segmented or screened. The advantage here is that we can be sure these users are first-time visitors and are more likely to catch outstanding usability issues that would surface for anyone who might use the CME website.

  • The people taking these tests have at least some experience in testing websites. They are not professional designers, but they may have more experience using the web than some who will be on your site.

  • Since I have limited access to CME’s payment gateway and website, we’re not able to fully test transactions and email lifecycle content.

Future testing with actual users — CME members or patrons — will help uncover more opportunities to improve the website’s content and user experience.

Kyle Bowen