Faster Access to Staff Photos

Part of the process of onboarding new GraceMed providers is getting their profiles posted to the website. In May, we began using a shared database to support the publishing process. The database has sped things up and given everyone involved a better overview of where we are in the process for any given provider.

But one area that could be improved is staff photo acquisition and distribution.

Staff photos are used for the website, but they're also used for portraits and ID badges. Multiple people need access to these files and having the photographer email one person creates a bottleneck.

To streamline the process and give everyone faster access to files, I've made an online form for photographers to upload files.  Here's how it works:


As soon as the form is submitted, the files appear in the employee directory database, and the staff member's status in the system is automatically updated to let everyone know that the photos have been received. GraceMed staff who have access to the directory can then download the files at their convenience.

No more bottleneck!

Kyle Bowen