Onboarding New Staff with a New Employee Directory


A Platform for Data and Content Management

I've made a relational database using Airtable to manage publishing new employees (and more). We're already using this database to manage provider profiles, and I'm inviting the HR team to join us so we can make it even more effective.

Using this system will:

  • Allow us to track the onboarding process for new providers
  • Guarantee incoming staff who need to complete the online bio form receive it within minutes of being added to the directory
  • Instantly populate the database with  content provided by employees through the bio form
  • Automatically keep the employee newsletter group current
  • Ensure that employees are removed from the website when necessary

Different Views for Different tasks


Some views of the data are better than others, depending on the task at hand. For example, if you want to quickly see who is starting in the next week, you might switch to the Start Date Calendar View.

If you update a record in one view, the change will show up across all views. 

Track changes and Message Team Members


Expand a record to view the changes that collaborators have made. Here you can also add comments and @ mention team members to ask questions or notify them of important changes.

Group, Sort, Filter & Search


Next Steps

This intro scratches the surface of what we can do with this database and how to use it. I'd be happy to get on a call or screen share to introduce the system in greater depth.

HR folks — you have invitations to this private database. I'm sure you'll have suggestions as to how it can be improved. Please share your feedback!

Kyle Bowen