Site Architecture, Audience Development, and Capacity Building

Option 1: User-Centered Information Architecture

We’ll conduct research that will inform a new site architecture for the HHS website. Our goal is to improve the website’s user experience and help visitors find the information they need more easily. We’ll use a variety of testing methods to develop a website architecture that reflects users’ mental models. One of those testing methods will also produce videos that will give HHS insights into as yet undiscovered usability issues with the site that are preventing users from completing critical tasks on the website. We’ll rely on testing results, such as time to task completion, to determine success.

We’ll also properly configure the society’s Google Analytics (GA) account. Insights from GA will help inform design decisions; This work will also ensure staff have a reliable data collection tool to help inform content and design decisions in the future.

This option speaks to the Gardiner Foundation’s grant category:

  • Marketing and communications planning

Fee: $3980

Option 2: Audience Research & Development

In addition to option 1, we will work together to identify audience segments around which HHS will focus future outreach efforts. 

Together, we’ll then select two of these segments for further study. SuperHelpful will conduct 5–10 interviews of individuals representative of these segments; These interviews will help HHS understand the underlying motives that drive (and hinder) engagement among these segments. We’ll gather insights into questions like:

  • What informs decision-making for these constituencies?

  • What are the underlying Customer Jobs these constituents hire HHS for?

  • Why do some constituents pursue alternatives to HHS (e.g., seeking educational programming elsewhere)?

  • What prevents constituents from progressing in the relationship with HHS (e.g., from member to donor, or from attendee to member)?

SuperHelpful will conduct initial synthesis of the interviews — coding responses and pulling out key insights for HHS leadership; SuperHelpful and HHS will work together to synthesize the final results to ensure HHS staff maintain a sense of ownership of these insights and incorporate the findings in their decision-making. Artifacts from this work may include personas, journey maps, and distinct value propositions to be used in future communications and campaigns (e.g., social media, website, brochures, and newsletters).

In addition to marketing and communications planning, this option relates to the Gardiner Foundation’s grant categories:

  • customer service and program delivery planning;

  • community engagement/partnership development

Fee: $8756

Option 3: Capacity Building

In addition to options 1 and 2, SuperHelpful will work with HHS staff for a period of 2–4 months, training staff in behavioral research and audience development methodologies while solving existing communications challenges for the society as they arise.

HHS staff may learn how to:

  • prioritize homepage content using user-research techniques

  • develop newsletter automation sequences that speak to specific audience segments and help new subscribers or members make progress in their relationship with the society

  • interpret digital analytics and use behavioral data to improve the society’s digital products and communications

  • test new content, campaigns, and digital systems to ensure they are effective and performant

  • create feedback systems that continuously inform and improve outreach efforts

  • conduct a top tasks analysis to prioritize content according to audience needs and goals

Our goal will be help to HHS adopt sustainable research practices that will form a foundation for audience-centered communications decisions. The training will help HHS be less dependent on external resources in the future.

In addition to the categories in options 1 and 2, this option relates to the Gardiner Foundation’s grant categories:

  • temporary consultant;

  • staff training and internal operations planning, resource development planning;

  • leadership development

Fee: $15,920

Thank you

This proposal is valid for through December 1st, 2019.

If there’s anything I can do to help clarify or to help translate any of the above to better address the Gardiner grant’s specifications or the society’s goals, please shoot me an email or give me a call at 316.204.9810.


Kyle Bowen
Founder, SuperHelpful

Kyle Bowen