SuperHelpful Roadmaps for The Huntington Historical Society

Here are a few ways in which SuperHelpful can support HHS as it prepares to redesign its website. These options are designed to help ensure that the new website will function as a profit center for the society.

Please note that all fees are guaranteed. These are not estimates, and I do not charge an hourly or daily rate, as I don’t believe you should have to make an investment decision every time you wish to seek my counsel during the course of an engagement. This is a unique feature of my consulting practice.

Discovery (Phase 1)

Option 1: Essential Roadmap

I will access your Google Analytics and properly configure the account for you, which will allow you to capture reliable user data going forward. I’ll also provide a written assessment with recommendations based on analytics data.

I will complete a website evaluation (video) that examines up to 5 key pages on your site (ie, those that provide the greatest value to your visitors and your organization), making recommendations as to how you can improve those pages as you plan your website redesign.

Fee: $1500

Option 2: Architectural Roadmap

In addition to option 1, I will solve the website’s navigation and discoverability challenges. I understand this has been a problem for quite some time, and this option aims to ensure the new website doesn’t inherit those old problems.

I’ll test the current website’s navigation so that we understand exactly what problems you’re up against and ensure we don’t repeat any past mistakes. I’ll also explore alternative structures through further testing to uncover users’ mental models that can make navigation more intuitive for first-time visitors.

I’ll conduct a top tasks analysis for HHS to prioritize user needs. This information can be relied upon to determine what content should reside on the redesigned website’s home page and how menus should function.

I will also install software on the existing site that will allow us to gather benchmark data on how visitors are currently interacting with the content. The resulting data can be used to make informed design and content decisions during your website buildout to help ensure it’s done properly the first time. (False starts are major contributor to projects being abandoned or running over budget.)

Once the new website is launched, I’ll revisit analytics and mapping data to ensure the site’s new information architecture is performing as expected. If we find that SuperHelpful’s guidance hasn’t been as effective as we believed it would be, I’ll work with you to make any adjustments to ensure the site’s navigation is properly supporting user needs. We’ll rely on analytics data and testing to measure the results of this work.

Fee: $3900

Option 3: Content & Conversion Roadmap

In addition to options 1 and 2, I will complete a site migration assessment and determine how you can best serve supporters who wish to donate, become members, and purchase tickets.

I will conduct a content inventory and audit of the HHS website. We’ll use this to help determine what content should be migrated to the redesigned site, what should be optimized in migration, and what content can be abandoned in the transition to provide a better user experience by reducing the signal to noise ratio on the site. This will also help you understand what types of content will provide the greatest return on investment in the future. In the process, we’ll identify which Squarespace template will best support the society’s content. (You don’t want to get halfway through the redesign process only to find you need a different template.)

I will also conduct qualitative research, such as user testing, surveys, and/or interviews, to uncover opportunities for content development and identify interactions that are preventing users from completing core tasks on the site. This kind of research often yields surprising insights that have a positive influence on future design efforts.

Finally, I will model options for conversion systems, such as membership transactions (recurring and one-off), donations, and events. The goal here will be to determine exactly what system(s) and interaction models will provide the greatest economic and experiential benefits for HHS and its supporters.

Fee: $7650

Buildout (Phase 2)

I know I told you I would quote a fee for the buildout as well, and I would like to do that now, but there are too many unknowns at this stage.

I need to at least do a full evaluation of the site and study the site analytics. It would also likely be to the society’s advantage to wait for a buildout quote. When I have more information from the discovery process, I’ll be able to provide a guaranteed phase 2 fee. You’ll also be in a better position then to evaluate whether SuperHelpful is the best option for your needs based on our work together and the insights we uncover during Phase 1.

Whether you end up developing the website internally or hire SuperHelpful to do that work, the discovery work we complete can be used to help prevent costly false starts and redesigns in the future.

Finally, I can promise that I’ll deduct the paid cost of any discovery project from the Phase 2 fee, should we continue to work together for the website buildout. (For example, if you choose an essential roadmap for $1500, I will deduct $1500 from the quote for Phase 2.)

I will provide you with a Phase 2 quote upon completion of any of the options above.

If I don’t hear from you first, I’ll contact you tomorrow — Friday the 18th — to get your thoughts on these options.

Thank you,

— Kyle

Kyle Bowen