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Is your website discouraging visitors from becoming members?

What if your visitors received the same treatment at your museum as they do on your website?

You work hard to build relationships with your patrons. You want visitors to become members and members to become lifelong supporters.

But your website and communications systems are undermining all that hard work.

Five Ways by Friday is an email course that challenges you to take a (digital) walk in your patrons’ shoes. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of ways to improve the content systems you use to encourage visitors to become members.

This series forced me to look at the data-gathering process from the guest’s perspective.
— Aimee Mussman, Assistant Director | The Iowa Children's Museum
These emails shared concepts I had not thought about before. I’m going to present these ideas to our membership and development department.
— Aylin Tito, Director of Marketing & Visitor Engagement | Boca Raton Museum of Art

Teach your tech some socials skills.