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“And then what?”

This is a question I find myself asking all the time with clients. 

  • Someone became a member — “And then what?” 

  • Made a donation — “And then what?”

  • Signed up for the newsletter — “And then what?” 

  • Searched the website — “And then what?” 

  • Drove past the big sign at the intersection announcing the fundraiser — “And then what?”

  • Read the postcard in the mail — “And then what?”

What happens next?

The answer is usually something like:

  • We mail them their welcome packet

  • They get our next newsletter, whenever that is

  • They find what they’re looking for, hopefully

  • They materialize, checkbook in hand, at the fundraiser

And then I say, “Let’s slow down — What happens before that? What is the next thing that shows up in front their eyeballs? What is the next thing that they feel?”

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