Design like a civil war general

I veered away from this week's planned topic to bring you something different: A video about website landing pages and Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman:


See, I’ve noticed people sometimes bristle at the idea of making landing pages for their website, even though landing pages are a proven way to generate more revenue from your website.

People may resist building true landing pages because landing pages are weird.

They don’t have any navigation links to other pages on your site, and people can’t find them through any navigation links on your site. They’re meant to guide the behavior of people who come from offline campaigns — like a brochure or flyer.

Landing pages are meant to take people who have encountered your brand out in the world and have them take a single next step — like subscribing to your newsletter. (They also help you measure the effectiveness of your collateral and other advertising, but that’s a topic for another day.)

People tend to want to make landing pages more like other website pages to "get more out of them". (“Let’s add links to other pages so people can view all our other great content!”)

Try to resist the urge to water down your landing page by making it like all the other pages on your site, and resist the urge to give people choices. People have enough options in their lives already. Give them a single task on your landing page. Carve out an unmistakable path for your landing page visitors like Sherman to the sea.

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Kyle Bowen