Membership Onboarding Analysis: The Huntington Historical Society

A few years ago, I moved from Brooklyn to Huntington — a village about an hour outside of Manhattan. Since then, I’ve become rather fascinated with Huntington history.

(I live and work just a few blocks from a burying ground that dates back to the 17th century; The British occupied the cemetery during the Revolutionary War and used tombstones to build the hearth in the fort. The bread they baked was embossed with epitaphs of residents’ deceased family members. Members of the Order of the Ancient and Honorable Huntington Militia hold a grudge to this day.)

Anyway, yesterday I decided to become a member of the Huntington Historical Society (HHS).

While I was on the HHS website, I started noticing some opportunities for improvement — this always happens — so I decided to record the process of becoming a member. I didn’t know what would happen, but I was curious to see what the process would be like and how the onboarding process for new members worked.

Here’s the video:

Kyle Bowen