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Job hunting

Check out this article on value propositions for museums by Anna Faherty on MuseumNext. (Hat tip to Carissa for getting this in front of my eyeballs on LinkedIn.)

Value propositions are a recurring theme in these letters. I wrote about them herehere, and here; then herehere again; most recently, Value Proposition appeared as a murderer in a bedtime story for my son.

So, I was excited to see someone writing about them, but what really got my heart beating was Faherty’s mentions of customer “Jobs” in relation to museums…

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A visit from the god of research

I was lying on the couch yesterday, staring up at the ceiling, thinking about this research project I’m planning. (If you’re a new list member, you can read about my research questions over here.)

I’m going to explore the underlying Jobs donors and members hire (and fire) museums for. The goal is to uncover what deeper purposes museums serve for different kinds of constituents. A big part of the project will be interviewing members and donors. Most museums aren’t interviewing constituents. I want to see how much more they might learn if they were to go beyond their usual surveys.

Still lying on the couch, I revisited the question of whether I should conduct these interviews over video or if I should travel to people’s homes to talk with them in person. Interviewing over video is far more convenient, but talking with people in person — in their world — opens up new potential layers of meaning …

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