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Three questions for the research gods

Over the past few months, a few questions have come up that I’d like answers to (in no particular order):

  1. To what degree are museums practicing design research today?

  2. What does the donor journey look like — what obstacles must museum donors overcome to go from visitor to member to donor? What motivates people to make that journey, and how do museums help some people become better versions of themselves?

  3. What is the value of reviews or social word-of-mouth to museums?

These are the questions I’m considering as I plan a research project that I’ll pursue over the next several months.

The question(s) I choose to answer will likely become a core part of what I write about in these letters in the weeks to come. So, let’s take a closer look at the menu.

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Questions about urgency

A new list member asked a question this week (shared with permission):

We have a music theater that produces 300 shows a year. While it is a huge effort, we do well selling tickets for theater. How do we take those practices/lessons from theater ticket sales with its built-in urgency and apply it to museum admission sales where there is rarely urgency beyond monthly weekend programming and special exhibition?

So, events like concerts let the museum communicate urgency — there’s limited availability and continual change with concerts. But the core collection may not change all that often.

The question got me thinking …

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