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A SuperHelpful bedtime story

Last night, Jasper asked me to tell him a story as we were getting ready for bed — “Story, Dada! Story!”

“Have I told you the story of the nonprofit About Page?”

Hey looked at me, hoping I’d start making sense.

“Well, for a long time, About Page felt depressed and neglected. Whenever a visitor stopped by her house, she just coughed dust and repeated a mission statement over and over.”

Dom, the director of marketing, called up Carousel.

“Go over there and see if you can cheer up About.”

Carousel, always eager to help, galloped over to About’s house.

When About opened the door, Carousel sat down on top of her and began vomiting pictures onto the carpet …

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Hypothetical homework

Yesterday, I wrote about God, Satan, the vital role I played on the basketball court during middle school, and MoMA’s website.

Today, let’s look at MoMA’s site just one more time, and I’ll spare you the personal history.

In previous letters (onetwo, and three ), I’ve wondered why more museums don’t include a value proposition on their website. A value proposition describes what makes the museum different from others of its kind and expresses a point of view.

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Randi Korn on value propositions

List member Randi Korn, Founding Director of RK&A and author of Intentional Practice for Museums: A Guide for Maximizing Impact, responded to my earlier emails about value propositions for museums (shared with permission):

Museum websites are often put together by the museum’s marketing department, and marketers may not think that value proposition as a thing to sell or as a thing others might want to buy …

A value proposition isn’t something you can sell — at least not directly. You can’t purchase admission to a value proposition, which means its impact is harder (but not impossible) to measure.

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Is a value proposition a priority?

Last week, I wrote a series of emails to you that began by asking why it’s so rare for museums and cultural organizations to communicate a value proposition on the home pages of their websites. (If you’d like to catch up, you read this entire series as a single unit over here.)

I said that user research could be a great way to uncover a value proposition that resonates with some segment of your organization’s audience.

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Uncovering value

Over the past few days, we’ve been talking about value propositions. (If you’re just joining us, you can catch up over here, where I’m assembling all these shorter emails into one long blog post.)

Today, let’s take a first look at how user research comes into play.

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A hidden point of view

One great thing about interviewing museum folks is that I get to hear from experts in a domain that’s new to me. Experts tend to have strong opinions (though they may be loosely held). They see their subject at a higher resolution than others. 

Experts have a point of view.

So, it seems odd to me that so many organizations run by experts fail to communicate a point of view to their audience.

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