Homepage Recommendations

Right now, the homepage of the site consists of navigation links. This was a good starting point, but introducing a homepage with featured content that changes regularly has a number of benefits. 


A Dynamic Homepage Can …

- Include current month's promotion
- Include testimonials from recent client surveys
- Promote individual stylists
- Improve rankings in Google by making room for more headers & keywords 
- Implement interactive before/after sliders to meet demand for examples of stylists' work (as seen in usability tests)
Boost confidence among prospective clients by incorporating quotes from clients. (Google also identifies testimonials as quality content, thereby improving rankings.)

The new monthly promotions are a great idea, but it would be better to integrate them with the website, rather than show them as a pop-up because:

  1. Promotions are full of rich keyword content that signals to Google that this is an active salon website; Promotions that are part of a blog/homepage will help build domain authority and help search rankings more than if they're in a pop-up
  2. Some people will have pop-up blockers — they'll never see the promotions
  3. Some people will automatically close the pop-up without looking at it because they've come to associate them with newsletter/survey offers

The website's visibility in search results is improving

In comparison to OPC's local competitors


But we can improve the website's domain authority

A dynamic homepage with more content — like testimonials, promotions, and featured stylists — will increase the salon's authority, which improves search result rankings.

Next Steps

I can make an alternative homepage for you all to preview using the upcoming October promotion content and a photo of the new assistant. Please pass along the info — Thanks! 

Kyle Bowen