Initial Results From the Homepage Booking Form

Summary: Since introducing the homepage appointment form, the website has seen an 85% increase in online appointments.

I imagine this may be a tough week for you all, so I hope I can be the bearer of some good news.

In Slack, I let you all know that February brought an all-time high for website visits, beating the previous record in April of 2017.

That's nice, but website visits aren't exactly money in the bank. It would be better to get 100 visitors and 50 appointments than a million visitors and 3 appointments. The goal isn't to get visitors — it's to get "butts in chairs", as Jane has put it. :)

So let's crunch some numbers and see how the recent website work has been performing against that goal.

One Month With Two Appointment Forms

There were a few possible consequences to adding a new booking form to the homepage:

  1. Growth: We could see an increased number of online appointments overall
  2. Cannibalization: We could see about the same number of appointments — they would just be divided across the two different forms. More people might use the homepage form, but fewer from the old contact form would mean zero growth.
  3. Decreased conversions: We could see a drop in form submissions overall — which would be an unexpected problem to address.


So far, we're seeing option 1: More appointments being made through the website with no negative impact on the number of submissions from the original form on the Contact page.

The new homepage form has returned an average of 1.7 submissions per day since it launched four weeks ago.

The old Contact form has seen an average of 2.01 submissions per day over the past year and 2 submissions per day over the past month — so, essentially no meaningful increase or decrease since launching the second form.

The new homepage form has brought in an additional 1.7 submissions per day since it launched. It hasn't cannibalized submissions from the old contact form. 

Instead, when we look at the overall impact between the two, the result is an 85% increase in online appointments.

If the average value of an appointment is $116, that's an additional $197 each day  — or $5900 per month — in revenue. 

It's early days, but it does appear that the recent developments on the homepage are having a positive impact on the salon's business. And I can't wait to see how we can improve on these metrics to get even better results.

Thoughts? Let's chat it up on Slack or give me a call. :)

— Kyle

Kyle Bowen