Testing target audience impressions and color services

Who is this site for?

The first part of this video shows people responding to the question, “who is this site for?”

Most people felt that the salon served women — especially men. Eventually, most figured out based on the services or the instagram feed where one pic of a guy was displayed that the salon did serve men, but it’s likely that there are a good number of men visiting the site who aren’t sticking around long enough to figure that out.

The first question is — Is this a problem?

It’s possible that you all are happy (and will make more money) by conveying that you specialize in women’s cut/style/color.

If not — I think we should think about including pictures of men’s cuts in stylist portfolios and on the home page.

To do that, we’ll need start having stylists to share photos of guys’ hair through the new web app. The IG feed will then have more men’s hair, and I can make sure men’s styles are represented at various points in the site.

“Dye my hair blonde”

The second part of the video shows people responding to a scenario where we said that they’re looking to book to have their hair dyed. I tried to use language that I think at least some people would use — “I want to dye my hair blonde” rather than anything about process.

Jane and I have talked about how this is complicated because you all need to do some education about color process so you don’t wind up setting up bad expectations with the client.

I’d like your expertise on the topic before making any in-depth recommendations, but my sense is that there does need to be some education, perhaps baked into the checkout form itself and/or with links on the color services section of the site going to blog posts defining terms.

OPC gets lots of compliments in testing

The video is edited to highlight areas where people are struggling a bit or misunderstanding things in these clips only because that’s the info we can use to improve the experience and ultimately increase online sales.

I’ve edited out many of the parts where people said how cool and nice the site looks and how much they love the booking system. We got tons of positive feedback from this round of testing!

Feel free to share your feedback below, and hit me up in Slack with any questions. Thank you.

Kyle Bowen