Top Tasks Survey Results

Summary: So far, clients have identified staff profiles as most valuable to them, followed by services/pricing menu, online booking, and special offers.

Survey results last updated: May 10th, 2018

Earlier last month, I set up a new newsletter that sends to subscribers about a week after they sign up. The email asks the subscriber to complete a top tasks survey

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Top Tasks Survey email for OPC

By asking for client feedback, we're asking for a quick favor, so the email is as brief as can be.

You can view the survey here.

This newsletter was sent to all existing 150 newsletter subscribers, and clients began responding immediately.

Here's what they identified as the most important to them:


Client Survey Results

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Topics that received votes

  • Services/pricing menu: 24.1%
  • Stylist profiles (bios, skills, etc): 22.6%
  • Online appointment booking: 15.8%
  • Portfolio/lookbook: 8.3%
  • Special offers: 7.5%
  • Client testimonials: 4.5%
  • Salon history: 4.5%
  • Appointment reminders: 3.8%
  • Contact info: 3.8%
  • Styling tips & techniques: 2.3%
  • Follow on social media: 1.5%

Topics that received no votes (so far)

  • Gift cards
  • eNewsletter
  • Online shop
  • Salon news/blog
  • Job opportunities
  • How-to videos
  • List & description of available products
  • Press page
  • Salon policies

Keep in mind that this survey will continue to produce results as more people sign up for the newsletter, and it's too early to take call these results statistically significant. We need more survey results to be certain that the information we have so far is a true reflection of subscribers' priorities.

A few notes on subscriber engagement

  • The open rate on this newsletter campaign is 53.6% so far. That's more than 4 times higher than the industry average.
  • The percentage of people who clicked through to open the survey is 8.5%. That is 17 times the industry average. 
  • Of the people who did click to view the survey, 100% completed it. (I've never seen that before!)

All this shows that your clients love the salon and are eager to show their support.


So far, people want more information on stylists. I think this probably includes examples of stylists' work, which overlaps with the fourth most popular topic, portfolio/lookbook. We've also seen in past user testing videos that people want more portfolio images, so one goal for 2018 could be to publish stylist portfolios.

The second and third most popular topics were pricing and online appointments, which means we may want to take a look at those more closely in the months ahead to ensure we've got them working as efficiently and effectively as possible. For example, we may make the online booking form more easily accessible by making it part of the homepage. This will make the booking process faster for returning clients.

We'll see as more results come in whether these topics continue to be the top priorities for subscribers. To get more results faster, we may also want to share the survey with social media subscribers and post a link on the website.

Let me know your thoughts with an email or in Slack.

Thanks, team!

Kyle Bowen