Tracking Shifts in Revenue With Analytics

During renovations, 18% of the people visiting the website made an appointment using the booking form. That's a considerable increase from the 8% average (looking at all visitors since last spring.)

Clients were encouraged to use the online form during that period instead of calling to make an appointment. Now, not every client will have followed that guidance, but it's interesting to consider that somewhere around 56% of the people who make an appointment may usually do so by phone rather than online.

What Persuades People to Make an Appointment?

Contributing factors, in no particular order:

  • The website (for example: easy to use, stylist profiles, a current promotion, etc)
  • Social media content
  • Newsletter (such as a promotion)
  • A referral
  • Google or Yelp (online reviews can be persuasive)
  • Excellent service (the thing that persuades returning clients to make an appointment)

Pretty much all of those things are under your control — some more directly than others. And with analytics, we can measure how website, newsletter, and social media efforts are generating revenue.

Let's focus for now on the revenue generated from the online appointment system:

This month's website conversions.png

January's website conversions

A look at how the website's online booking system has performed this month.

One tricky thing about this chart is that it shows us how many people who visit the website then go on to use the online form to book an appointment, but it doesn't show us how many of those people used the website to call to make an appointment. So, while it's not a totally accurate view of how much revenue is coming through the website, it does start to give us a benchmark for future study.

From here, we can start to see how changes to the website affect online inquiries.

The other thing to note is that I've estimated the average value of an appointment at $70, but I know that may not be correct. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's way off.

If we can plug in the the actual average value of an appointment, including retail sales, we can begin to get a more accurate view of how the changes we make to the website, as well as outreach efforts such as social medial and the newsletter, may impact revenue. [1]

  1. I do have a mind body statement from over a year ago, but more recent info would be best. ↩

Once I have more accurate info, I'll plug that in and we can begin to track goals for more bookings.

Top Tasks Analysis Update

Finally, I've updated the survey results — we're starting to get a more accurate picture of clients' priorities. The top five shifted slightly, with special offers overtaking portfolio for the fourth spot:

  • Stylist profiles (bios, skills, etc): 26%
  • Services/pricing menu: 20%
  • Online appointment booking: 18%
  • Special offers: 10%
  • Portfolio/lookbook: 8%

If you all want to do a February promo, just let me know. Thanks!

Kyle Bowen