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Website visitors

This data excludes traffic from Rapid Steel on-site staff and the website's developer.

Contact Form Submissions


There was a spike in form submissions in the spring. Is that a regular seasonal pattern for the business? Were there any promotional efforts going on during that time that may have had a positive effect on sales?

Form Submission Details

5,452 unique visitors have viewed the contact form since the website was launched in late 2015. There have been 10,534 total views (including returning visitors) of the form during that time.

94% of the people viewing the contact form were on desktops or laptops. This is an unusually high number. It's more common to find 30%–50% of form views coming from mobile devices. 

The percentage of people who complete the form is 7%, and the average time it takes to complete it is just under 9 minutes.

While the vast majority are viewing the contact form on PC's, the percentage of customers who submit the inquiry form is more than double on mobile:

Percentage of visitors who complete the inquiry form on a PC: 7%
Percentage who complete the form on a mobile device: 17%

Visitors who submit the form on a mobile device do so in about half the time it takes for someone on a PC.


1. Newsletter Development: Surveys & Testimonials

We could include an option for customers to sign-up for a Rapid Steel newsletter in the online inquiry form. 

This would let us create follow-up surveys for customers, which could provide insights as to how Rapid Steel can provide better service. These follow up surveys can also allow us to gather testimonials to publish on the website, which is often a good way to boost sales. 

We could even create incentives for first-time customers to complete the surveys by offering a discount off their next order to encourage an ongoing business relationship with new customers.

2. Special Offer for Students & Faculty

A significant portion of sales inquiries are coming from college students and faculty. Rapid Steel could capture a larger percentage of that audience by offering a small discount on orders to anyone with a current student/faculty ID through its website, newsletter and social media channels.

3. Publish an Online Inventory

Customers sometimes ask whether Rapid Steel carries a particular product. For every inquiry submitted, there may be others who simply order from a competitor whose website makes it clear that they already have the product in stock. 

By publishing an online inventory, we can help customers get straight into the ordering process, and take out the guess work for them.

Even if we begin by publishing an inventory of just the most popular products, we can then put a prominent search box in place. We can review what customers type into that search box and grow the inventory based on customers' needs.

Having an online inventory will also boost the website's rankings for keyword searches and should increase overall traffic to the website.

Thank You

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, or would like to get started developing any of the projects suggested here, send me an email.

Kyle Bowen