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Rapid Steel Website Visibility

% Search Visibility

By rank on Google

The chart above shows how each company is performing in Google searches based on a number of relevant keywords. [1]

  1. We started tracking Eastern and HB Steel's visibility in November, which is why there's not as much historical data for these. ↩

In a nutshell:

  • Rapid is averaging a rank of about 6% search visibility

  • A rank of 33% is ideal: 33% would represent a #1 ranking for each keyword tracked. (100% would mean you're dominating every search result for the keywords, which isn't a practical goal.)

As you can see, there's room for improvement, but Rapid is ranking higher than the competition. 

Why Does This Matter?

When you rank higher in search results, you get more website visitors, which is an important step toward increasing sales.

Your Top Keyword Rankings

As of this writing, Rapid is on page 1 of Google for the following Google search terms:

  • Stainless steel suppliers NYC (+ New York)

  • Rapid steel fabrication

  • steel supply NYC

  • metal pipe NYC

  • new york steel suppliers

  • steel suppliers nyc

  • nyc steel

  • steel supply long island (+ny)

  • steel tube long island

  • stainless steel supply brooklyn

  • stainless steel long island

  • steel supply broooklyn

  • steel suppliers bronx ny

  • new york steel

Once you submit the form, we will:

  1. begin tracking the terms you submit,

  2. review in the coming weeks how Rapid is performing in web searches for those products and phrases, particularly in relation to competitors, and

  3. plan, based on our findings, how we might optimize the Rapid Steel website to bring in more website visitors for the terms that represent the most value to your business.

Thanks, Kris!

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