Discovery Services

Get a fresh perspective on your organization’s design initiatives.

We recommend new clients start with one of our discovery services: a strategy session, website evaluation, or a roadmap.

Discovery services minimize risk. You'll get a professional evaluation of your current practices and strategy. Discovery projects provide actionable reports with revenue-generating recommendations, while giving your team a chance to assess our expertise. If you're a director or manager advocating for change within your company, these CEO-ready reports can be crucial to getting buy-in for a significant design initiative.


60-minute Strategy Sessions

A strategy session is a video conference call during which we’ll assess the the challenges your business faces and identify opportunities for growth. You’ll receive a written summary of the session with tailored recommendations for your next communications initiative. A strategy session is a low-risk way to get a fresh perspective and an actionable plan to improve your business.

A 60-minute strategy session is currently $299.

Website Evaluations

A website evaluation is for businesses that are considering major changes to their website. An evaluation is a video walkthrough that takes an in-depth look at key pages on your company’s site. We’ll identify friction points that are negatively impacting your business, and show you how you can improve your site to increase revenue. 

Website evaluations are currently $499.

Audience Analysis & Roadmap

An audience analysis includes an initial strategy session, a website evaluation, and a study of how your digital products and services are being used and perceived by your audience. We’ll identify opportunities to improve and develop your business.

Audience analysis & roadmap will be available as a standalone service soon. Contact us to learn more.

All discovery services come with a no-questions asked, money-back guarantee.

If you're not happy with the results, we'll refund 100% of your money.


Design Engagements

Optimize the products and services that will most benefit your business.

We'll make the improvements that matter most to the people who use your products and services. We use evidence — actual data from your customers and other users — to determine which interventions will have the greatest return for your business, and we act on those findings. Then, we'll report on the results of our work using objective metrics to ensure the project has met your objectives.


Targeted Optimizations

Did a website evaluation uncover some dead-simple ways to quickly improve your site? Do you have a handful of changes you need to make to your website, but you don't have the time or ability to do it yourself? Do you need to clean up your analytics installation to get actionable data? A targeted optimization is a limited engagement can help.

Targeted optimizations currently start at $600.

Custom Projects

Has your business reached a plateau? Are you still facing the same challenges last year as you are this year? We'll examine your operations to find opportunities for growth. We'll study your customers' experiences and make the improvements that matter most. Custom projects are tailored to your company's particular needs and culture.

Custom projects currently start at $5000.