You know what you want people to do when they visit your website, but what are the obstacles that are actually preventing them from completing those economically valuable tasks?

It’s all but impossible to prioritize website improvements when you can’t observe where visitors are getting stuck or are abandoning your site. Should we focus on improving the site navigation? Is our taxonomy and labeling clear to visitors? Should we focus on improving the copy? Are we clearly communicating the value of membership?

Without testing, how can you know?

Yes, you can try to find design solutions by looking at other museum websites, but is there any reason to believe they’ve got it all figured out for their visitors? How do you know they’re not looking to your website for answers?

Imagine being able to prioritize design and communications decisions by observing how actual first-time visitors to your site interact with your content.

You’d be able to cut through the speculation and begin making more informed decisions. Rather than make design decisions based on opinions or habits, you could improve the user experience of your site in ways that would have real impact on visitors’ behavior and decision-making processes.

Here are some examples of design hypotheses that a Live Evaluation can help address:

  • Website visitors can’t easily find how to register for event x

  • It’s easy to compare membership benefits

  • The donation process is pretty intuitive

  • The carousel on the homepage lets us show people more information

Together, we’ll identify how you can improve your site to create a better user experience and increase conversions.

You’ll get a fresh perspective and an honest (but kind) assessment of your website’s user experience.

Here’s what to expect from your evaluation

  1. You schedule the evaluation call.

  2. You’ll receive a short questionnaire. Your responses will inform my testing and evaluation, so please complete this right away. (It will take less than five minutes to complete.)

  3. I’ll run five user tests, focused on one or two potential challenges on your museum’s website prior to our scheduled call. (Here’s why you only need a handful of tests to arrive at actionable insights.)

  4. We’ll discuss testing results and conduct a live, 45-minute evaluation at the time of your choosing.

    • During this video call, I’ll provide you with actionable recommendations — things you that you can do with the resources you have today. (I’m not going to tell you to go build a whole new website.)

    • The call is a one-on-one, private conversation.

You’ll receive a video recording our chat, so you can share recommendations with your team.


The current fee for a Live Website Evaluation is $1069.


Who should get a Live Evaluation?

A Live Eval may be for you if …

  • You’re considering making significant changes to your website’s functionality or content.

  • You’re in the process of redesigning your museum’s website.

  • There is some debate or speculation among decision-makers as to whether a specific change to the website will have a positive impact.

  • You need a fresh perspective to help prioritize website changes because you have limited time and resources.

A Live Eval may not be for you if …

  • You’ve recently hired a UX professional and you have the time and capacity to address changes as needed. (In this case, you’ve got both the benefit of an outside/fresh perspective and you’re under little pressure to prioritize changes.)

  • You don’t have any resources to devote to implementing the recommendations you receive.

  • You run regular usability tests on your organization’s website.

Are you using software that prevents you from controlling certain aspects of your website?

If you use software that creates forms for you, I understand you may have limited ability to make changes to those parts of your website. I account for this in the evaluation process. An evaluation is primarily focused on aspects of the user experience you can act on.

Here’s what museum directors say about SuperHelpful Live Evaluations

I feel like I have two pages of actionable things that I need to do. Like a lot of museums, we don’t have a big communications team or anyone with your level of expertise in this specific way …

We’ve had a sense that we might be struggling in some ways but we didn’t know in what ways, and we haven’t had the time to figure it out. So for you to do the user testing and to hear the things that people are garnering from the site and then give us actionable steps is very useful. I feel like I have things that I can do to make the website a stronger conversion tool for us.
— Catilin McGillicuddy, Executive Director | The Children's Museum in Easton
The evaluation highlighted different information that I hadn’t thought of before and so it gave me useful feedback on how to improve the website. I liked the fact that I could watch the users interacting with the website in real time so you can see what actions they are making and what they are reading/not reading.

I would recommend a Live Evaluation to anyone looking for a good overview of some of the ways people view their website. Usually there are very quick but beneficial changes that can be made based on the results.
— Koren Smith, Marketing Director | The Science Museum of Western Virginia
Our website is the front door of our museum, so we want to take every opportunity to improve upon it. Kyle’s evaluation brought up really good points, and we took his suggestions to heart. After seeing the assessment, we reorganized our home page to create a better experience for our visitors … Kyle demonstrated how our CRM software had significant usability issues, which we took into account when switching to a new CRM.
— Nomi Dayan, Executive Director | The Whaling Museum & Education Center