What Is a Website Evaluation?

A website evaluation is a video that walks you through how you can improve key pages on your website to help grow your business.

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Why video?

Websites are visual and interactive experiences. Written reports with static screenshots don't communicate the nuance of visitor's experience as quickly as a video can.

We give you and your team private logins to our website, where you can view and download your video evaluation.

Once you've had time to review the video, you can choose to meet with the professional who assessed your website to address any questions you may have.

Who Should Get a Website Evaluation

Has your website been a bit neglected over the years? Are you not sure where to start?

Just finding the time to keep a website up to date can be challenging for many business owners — much less regularly developing new content to market your products or services. A website evaluation can break down a seemingly insurmountable mass of problems into discreet, targeted changes that can reinvigorate sales or leads.

Are you ready to redesign your website or create a new one?

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The best blueprint for your new website is your existing website.

Every website holds important lessons. Embarking on major changes without examining those lessons can lead to a costly repetition of past mistakes.

Before you overhaul your website, get a professional evaluation of your existing site. Websites are a public expression of an organization's culture and operations. Without examining where you've been, it's all too easy to carry past mistakes into the future by neglecting to address underlying issues related to content development, governance, and business goal alignment.

Do you need an outside, unbiased perspective to convince your team of necessary changes?

Maybe you know your company needs to improve its digital marketing, but you could use an impartial third party to help make your case. Presenting a video produced by an unbiased expert that walks through critical website issues can shake your team out of a rut by resolving uncertainties within your organization.


Get a personalized, professional analysis of your website.

Do you need a new website or do you need to optimize the website you have? Our website evaluation service is designed to answer that question by providing objective, honest feedback.

What Does a Website Evaluation Look Like?

An evaluation takes a close look at 3–5 key pages on your site. The exact number of pages and length of the video depends on the challenges presented by your particular website.

We don't examine every page on your site because you'll get more out of a video that examines several important pages than you will from one that races through many pages. Moreover, while evaluating key pages, we often touch on larger topics that are found throughout your site, such as site navigation issues and global design patterns.

Sample Evaluation: Kamakura's Homepage

The videos below look at a single page of the Kamakura website, which gives you an idea of the sort of analysis you'll receive in your website evaluation.[1] We chose Kamakura's website as an example because they're a growing, successful company. It just goes to show that even successful companies with effective websites can benefit from feedback and continual improvement.

  1. Super Helpful is not affiliated with Kamakura, though we do like their shirts. ↩

1. Consider Carousel Usability
2. Design for overlapping needs
3. Consider the buyer's journey

An evaluation is an objective assessment; it is not a collection of personal opinions.

Our evaluations focus on usability, customer experience, and what design changes are likely to meet business goals, such as improving conversion rates and reducing support calls.

If your website presents certain usability issues, such as low contrast that reduces accessibility, we'll make recommendations on how you can improve those aspects of your site. But we're not going to tell you to change your links from red to blue because we think blue is prettier. Expect recommendations that convey best practices and what design changes can improve conversions.

What Happens After You Receive Your Video

Schedule a follow-up consultation

If you have questions after reviewing your evaluation, you can schedule a consultation with the professional who assessed your site. There is no additional fee for a follow-up consultation.

For those located in parts of Long Island or NYC, we can set up an in-person consultation and come to your workplace. Depending on your location, we may schedule a remote consultation.

Implementing recommendations

Some businesses don't have web professionals on staff who can make changes to their website. In that case, we may work with you to make changes and optimize your website. If you've decided to redesign your site, we can help with that.


Here’s what Toni Dickson, Owner of The Sandbox Playspace, said about her website evaluation:

“I have no background or particular skill in web development and I work on the website without hearing a lot of feedback. I don't even know what I don't know, and that is a little scary. I thought the evaluation might have brought forth major mistakes I am making on the website that are out of my skillset to fix. (Thank you for not doing that.)

I found there are suggestions for doable changes I can make to improve the website big / small picture and I also felt I found an expert I could turn to for growth.

I felt through the evaluation you have a good understanding of my goals. You nailed it on a few things that have been frustrations for me - specifically the Mindbody interface and Birthday Party data collection workflow. It got me feeling optimistic and eager about the possibilities to further develop the website.

I would recommend a SuperHelpful evaluation because it can be easy with so many balls in the air to hide out from working on your website, and the evaluation gave me helpful encouragement to make exciting steps forward.”

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your website evaluation, we will refund 100% of your money. Your refund request will be processed within 2 business days.

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