True Turnkey Analysis

Website Evaluation

Analysis Summary

At a high-level, I recommend several important changes for True Turnkey:

  1. Diversify traffic sources by investing in in-depth, user-focused content.

  2. Test alternative methods of interaction and communication with customers to increase conversions.

  3. Make design decisions that reflect realistic expectations of customer behavior. This will build trust with the audience and reduce the time True Turnkey staff spend on calls with unqualified buyers.

As you read this report, keep in mind that it’s based on data that wasn’t filtering spam or internal traffic. I’ve configured the account to help filter spam more effectively, but that only affects traffic going forward — not historical data.

You’ll find two new views in the True Turnkey Google Analytics account:

  1. Reporting: This view has filters in place to provide a more accurate understanding of user behavior. There is one goal in place to track visits to the current lead magnet opt-in page. I recommend using this view to set up future goals.

  2. Raw Data: This view has no filters and is meant to act as a check against the Reporting view. I encourage you to leave this view as is so that you have a stream of raw data at all times.

I’ve also connected the site to Google Search Console and sent Brad an invitation to manage that account. The Google Analytics account is now set to retain data in perpetuity, whereas before it was only retaining data for 26 months. 

You may download a hard-copy of the written report provided here. The video below contains content that is not expressed in this written

Diversify traffic sources

Over 80% of traffic is coming from advertising. I recommend developing website content that brings in more qualified organic traffic, as organic traffic is often more likely to convert than paid traffic. In part, this is because people are more likely to trust businesses they encounter through search, believing that Google vets quality businesses for them. True Turnkey’s paid traffic has a 47% higher bounce rate than its organic traffic, which suggests organic traffic could become a valuable source of new business.

To increase organic traffic, the existing content on the site needs to be optimized. Many pages are missing headers and page descriptions, which contribute to their poor ranking. Videos can be transcribed and captions can be incorporated to help boost search rankings. Youtube offers important network value — I wouldn’t suggest abandoning YouTube — but I do recommend hosting the embedded videos on True Turnkey’s website through Wistia to maximize SEO benefits. Wistia is also an excellent tool for capturing email addresses and building your mailing list. 

A marriage of organic and paid traffic 

There’s no need for your organic search strategy to come at the expense of your paid advertising efforts.

I recommend developing landing pages, for example, that address competitors directly. A well-structured landing page explaining the differences between TT and Roofstock, for example, could be used to drive organic as well as paid/competitor advertising.

True Turnkey’s site currently has an average click-through-rate (CTR) of 2.5%, and almost all of the keywords it ranks for are branded terms (especially “turnkey”). 

You can kill two birds with one stone by reviewing your FAQs and doing some keyword research in advance of publishing new content. Prioritize developing website content that addresses verified customer needs (as found in sales call transcripts, for example) and may address gaps in competitors’ content.

For example, you might create an in-depth beginner’s guide to turnkey properties:


Guides can attract traffic from a wide range of long-tail search terms.

Improve EAT by managing local data

Google evaluates a business’s EAT (expertise, authority, trust) based on a wide range of factors, but one of them is local data. True Turnkey currently has a listing accuracy score of 21%. I recommend running a local audit to ensure contact and business information is complete and accurate across major data providers.

Google My Business is becoming a vital tool for businesses to reach local customers. Here’s the listing as it appears today:


I would explore using GMB posts and providing essential information, like a contact phone number, there. You can post photos, videos, and even ask and answer questions for people to see. You can also encourage reviews from investors on GMB to build trust and increase traffic.

These signals will increase the business’s exposure to local potential investors. After all, you have a beautiful new, ground-floor space — make the most of it!

Use Google Analytics to review ad spending and optimize ads & landing pages

I’m not sure if True Turnkey is in the habit of examining ongoing advertising efforts against analytics goals. If not, I would keep an eye on how particular campaigns perform relative to the average number of completions and average conversions using the comparison function in Google Analytics. 

For example, “GDN - Targeted Display Ads” are performing 48% below the average conversion rate, yet they’re the second most costly campaign for True Turnkey:


It’s also worth segmenting data by device category. Here we see that GDN-Targeted Display Ads on mobile receive the highest exposure (users), yet they’re converting 56% below average:


I strongly recommend creating annotations in Google Analytics each time you launch or modify an ad, as well as any time you make a significant change or addition to content on your website. These annotations become invaluable as you begin to measure the impact of your marketing initiatives over time.

Focus on building the True Turnkey mailing list

The True Turnkey mailing list generates the highest conversion rate for brochure downloads.

Since the mailing list is of proven value, I recommend doing everything you can to get people on that list, starting with removing the requirement that people share their phone number to download the brochure.

I understand that gathering phone numbers is desirable, but I’m confident that that requirement is reducing the number of conversions for the business

There is much more True Turnkey can do to maximize the value of its mailing list, including creating an onboarding email sequence that educates buyers and maintains a connection with prospective investors. There’s a great deal of research that shows that adding more required fields in a form — especially those that ask individuals to share highly personal information, such as a phone number — reduces conversions and can erode trust with buyers early in the sales process.

Remove the phone field from the brochure forms, annotate that change in Google Analytics, and monitor conversion rates and completions.

Test alternatives to live chat

The live chat feature on the site may be capturing some leads, but I’d advise testing alternatives, as it’s likely that True Turnkey could be doing better in this area.

Test using a form instead of chat

The brochure lead magnet is effective because of its transparency. Visitors can see in an instant what’s required of them (name, email, phone) alongside the value proposition and make a decision right away as to whether to commit. 

The live chat feature is more opaque. It’s not clear to all users what’s going to happen if they initiate a chat. Questions raised by the live chat feature may include:

  • Will I have to wait to talk with someone? How long?

  • It’s asking for my email address — Why? Will I be subscribed to a list if I provide my email address? Will get on a spam list?

  • It’s asking for my email address now. Will it ask for more personal information if I keep going?

Web forms let people interact with the company without all the uncertainty, and they’re a highly effective way to build the True Turnkey mailing list. 

Moreover, web forms will help you track conversions with more accuracy by triggering events rather than tracking visits to landing pages.

I also believe that True Turnkey will ultimately see more qualified sales calls if the company can design its website and communications around the needs of investors who may require a longer sales cycle. 

To do that, you can:

  1. Make calls to action (CTAs) to book a call actually go to a booking system like Calendly — not live chat. Assume that people who want to book a call are actually ready to get on the phone, and they don’t want to wade through the ambiguities of live chat. 

  1. De-emphasize CTAs to book a call in body copy: I know it sounds counter-intuitive when sales are made over the phone, but if the option to book a call is prominent in the navigation, trust that visitors will find it until there’s evidence to show otherwise.

  2. Shift the focus from scheduling calls to joining the mailing list. Add more dedicated options to join the mailing list — not just the brochure lead magnet. Research what prospects want most from the mailing list, such as notifications as new properties become available, and create opt-in forms around that promise. (I believe you may already be doing this, but that incentive isn’t communicated on the site, nor is the mailing list itself clearly marketed as an instrument that can provide value to people seeking investment opportunities.)

Finally, True Turnkey may need to consider posting it’s phone number on the site. I know this is not ideal, but one of the stated goals is to built EAT (expertise, authority, trust). A site that is so strongly encouraging visitors to schedule a call, but then doesn’t list a phone number, can be mistaken for one of questionable reputation by some visitors as well as search engines.

Test different conversational models with chat

If live chat must be used, test different conversational flows. If you require an email address from users, tell them why you need that information. Reassure them that they won’t be added to any mailing lists without permission. You may also explore using live chat to more intelligently address user questions based on keyword input.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 2.03.01 PM.jpg

In my interaction with the live chat feature, the chatbot seemed more devoted to capturing email addresses than actually helping prospects.

Interactions like these can lead visitors to mistakenly assume that True Turnkey prioritizes data collection over helping customers.

Interactions like these leave visitors in limbo and may inadvertently cause some visitors to doubt the company’s motivations.

(Note: It’s always possible that I’m wrong about some of these assertions, such how visitors perceive live chat interactions. To find out, I’d recommend we conduct user testing to assess how such interactions influence new users’ perception of the brand. Regular user testing is one of the ways SuperHelpful may be able to help True Turnkey make revenue-generating, low-risk improvements to its website in 2019.)

Begin capturing data through surveys and interviewing investors

What hidden objections and obstacles do investors have to overcome to do business with True Turnkey? What other forms of investment may True Turnkey be losing business to? How can True Turnkey’s communications help first-time investors envision their eventual success after jumping in to the turnkey real estate market?

To answer questions like these, I suggest using surveys and interviews to make more informed marketing decisions. 

On-site surveys can capture information from first-time visitors and gain insights into what may be holding people back. Strategically placed post-conversion surveys can provide similar insights. Customer interviews can help True Turnkey tap into buyers’ psychology for more effective content development.

Get more accurate with conversion tracking

I’ve talked about how True Turnkey might test using forms vs live chat to capture leads, and develop more lead magnets and email sequences to grow its mailing list. Google Analytics can track all of these efforts with properly configured goals. I recommend assessing the value of each new subscriber or submission and assigning values in Google Analytics. This will let True Turnkey track actual revenue trends alongside design and marketing decisions, which can provide tremendous value to the business.


At this point, I would normally recommend 2–3 options as to how SuperHelpful might help True Turnkey realize the recommendations outlined above. And I do have a number of options in mind: These range from acting as an advisor who provides recommendations based on analytics and search insights, to more intensive, hands-on research with True Turnkey’s investors to develop targeted content and increase conversions.

To better narrow the scope, and assuming you find these initial recommendations to be of interest, I’d like to meet with you both to assess what options might be of most value to your business. Please grab a time on my calendar that is convenient for you so we can discuss options for True Turnkey’s growth in 2019.

Thank you for your consideration,

Kyle Bowen
Founder, SuperHelpful

Kyle Bowen